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Wægger Negotiation Institute – WNI is a private consulting company that provides negotiation and conflict management training, advising and mediation, to businesses, to the public, and non-profit organizations.

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Your trusted advisor.

WNI training and counseling are adapted to the customer's needs so that their managers, teams, and individual employees are better able to handle important negotiations, build relationships, and use their conflict management skills effectively.

Customers of WNI will concentrate on their core activities, reduce high personal and financial costs in the event of conflict, and build strong business relationships.

WNI will help you handle the negotiation, conflict or mediation as your trusted advisor.

Team & Advisors.

Roar Thun Wægger

Founder & CEO

Roar is a facilitator, advisor, and mediator.

He is a Harvard PON’s and Pepperdine Straus’ Institute trained negotiator, mediator, and conflict resolution specialist.

He is also a Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator, a certified UK civil/commercial mediator, and a certified mediator by the Norwegian Bar Association.

Christopher Olsson Loenes


Christopher is a facilitator, advisor, and mediator.

He is a law graduate from the University of Oslo, with a specialization in negotiations and conflict resolution. He’s won several prestigious negotiation and mediation competitions. He is also experienced in conducting workshops and lectures in the fields of negotiations and mediations.

Christopher is a mediator in Husleietvistutvalget. He has over 400 hours of mediation experience and solves over 8 out 10 cases (per oct. 2022).

He is also a Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator, and a certified UK civil/commercial mediator.

Venera Kusari


Venera Kusari is a peacebuilding professional with 10+ years of experience as peace and conflict practitioner, researcher, trainer, and manager of projects in the field of humanitarian, human rights, and social development.

She holds a graduate degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University in New York City, and she has experience working for organizations such as International Crisis Group, Mercy Corps International, UN Women, European Centre for Minority Issues, Committee to Protect Journalists, and at Columbia University’s conflict research institute, AC4.

She has supervised international projects on minority rights, youth and urban violence, crisis response, and intercommunal conflict, across former Yugoslavia, Colombia, Myanmar, the United States, and Norway.

Venera’s research interests focus on the complex dynamics in conflict, communication and conflict, power asymmetries, and approaches to sustainable peace. She is interested in understanding these themes at the interpersonal, intercommunal, as well as international levels. Her analysis focuses on critical approaches to conflict, narrative, and dialogue. She works with ethnic and religious minority groups, women, youth, and professionals from various fields.

She is an experienced facilitator-trainer and has led numerous workshops with various stakeholders in several countries.

Venera is committed and passionate about influencing positive change through her work in personal and social development. She believes that social change starts by creating spaces that promote constructive communication and equality-based practices within organized units such as workplaces, families, communities, and political institutions.

Adrian Martin


Adrian is currently a law student at the University of Oslo.

He has a special interest in negotiations and conflict management, and after winning the ELSA Norway Negotiation competition in the spring 2020 he has participated in a number of negotiation and mediation competitions around the world with Roar Wægger as coach.

Peder Grennes Hallin


Peder is currently a law student at UiO, where he is getting his master’s degree in law.

He has a background from direct sales and doing sports which is where he learned the value of combining competitiveness, openness, and conversation skills.

Peder was formally introduced to the art of negotiation through winning a ELSA Norway’s National Negotiation competition in the spring 2020. In the following time he had the privilege to work closely with Roar and the rest of the WNI-team, rapidly increasing his skills and interest in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.

What some of our clients say...

"You have created a fantastic negotiation course, which was performed by you in a very good way. Very good content, clear language, a lot of space for questions and reflections. Thank you! Very good case. I was positively surprised – this was a digital training that overreached my expectations."
"THANK YOU for extremely good and powerful means that are fun to see working in real life!” The reason I write to you is because I think it must be fun to see that what you teach is used and especially fun to see when it goes the right way! I have recently been in two negotiations, both of which have ended very well. In both negotiations, I have taken advantage of "arts" learned from the course."
«I used Roar as a sparring-partner, and I found our conversations outstanding and will continue to benefit from them in the future. It’s always good to have a mirror held up to you – it makes self-reflection easier.»
"That was so nice for me, working for a trading company from next year. I became aware of the importance of Preparation and Improvision before negotiating. I would definitely applicate this lesson to my job."
"Very satisfied customers/members after your arrangement (rumors say that several more nascent disputes were resolved quite immediately thereafter)."
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