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High demand for Negotiation Trainings

“I just have to say I absolutely loved your lecture and learned a lot about how to be a better jurist and human! Thank you again :)” wrote Chama Skounti, a master’s student at Master II Juriste d’Affaires Internationales, the University of Rennes, France, to me after the webinar we held last week. A few […]

Interview: “Hope in times of adversity” – Just Peace Month 2022

Hope in times of adversity - Just Peace Month 2022

Yesterday, on the International Day of Peace, WNI founder Roar Thun Wægger shared some of his thoughts and stories from his work with helping clients overcome adversity and achieve peace. We would like to thank IMI – International Mediation Institute for inviting us to be part of your series of interviews with IMI Mediators. See the full interview in […]

Mediation – Who is holding back?

Alternative dispute resolution, and in particular mediation, is constantly gaining new supporters. But who is holding back from further acceleration in the use of out-of-court dispute resolution? Are there clients who have not understood the advantages or their interests inherent in effective dispute resolution before court proceedings? Is it the advisers who put their financial […]

How To Negotiate By Keeping The Brain In Mind

How To Negotiate By Keeping The Brain In Mind

This article was first published on, where CEO and founder of WNI, Roar Thun Wægger is a Executive Contributor. Rationality is a myth. Instead, human behavior and circumstances are predictably irrational, especially in a conflict situation that negotiations often are. With a basic understanding of your brain negotiators can handle the human behavior significantly […]

Podcast: It’s an inside job

Negotiation by keeping the brain in mind was the topic when Roar was a quest in ITS AN INSIDE JOB podcast. Resilience in negotiation and challenging conversations come down to preparation, preparation, preparation, and will give you the ability to take a step back from the heat of the moment and reflect on your thoughts […]

Lecture for students at University of Stavanger – Hardcore soft skills.

Hardcore soft skills at UiS

This week WNI founder, Roar Thun Wægger, visited the University of Stavanger Business School, Department of Law at Handelshøyskolen – to talk to their student on their soft skills project. Thank you, LanaBubalo, and HelleAustvikTholo for running this project and inviting me. Roar created and named the lecture/small workshop – Hardcore soft skills. Negotiation, communication, […]

How do we manage negotiation techniques properly?


In this episode of the podcast Tankeledarpodden Jason Liem and Roar Thun Wægger present the powerful negotiating model they have named “Negotiation with the Brain in MIND”. Behind the podcast is the enthusiastic Swedish host Christoffer Bertilsson, and among other things, we are talking about: – How do we best work with negotiation techniques in difficult situations? – […]