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Negotiation training with ELSA Norway

Negotiation training with ELSA Norway

On Monday 17 January, Wægger Negotiation Institute held a negotiation training for all Norwegian law students who wish to, or are considering registering for ELSA Norway’s negotiation competition. The negotiation training was held by WNI founder Roar Thun Wægger together with some of the previous participants and winners of the competition. Roar has collaborated with […]

Mediation Beyond Covid – Hacks, Craics and Crocodile Tears has launched!

mediation beyong covid out now

Yesterday, January 12th 2023, was the launch date for the book “Mediation Beyond Covid: Craics, Hacks and Crocodile Tears”! This is big news to us at WNI because our CEO and founder, Roar Thun Wægger, has invested a lot of time and energy in contributing to this book with his stories and experiences.  For the […]

Mediation Beyond Covid – Launches January 12th!

Mediation Beyond Covid releases january 12th

WNI founder, Roar Thun Wægger is proud to share that January 12th, is set to be the launch date for the book he has co-authored – Mediation Beyond Covid – Hacks, Craics and Crocodile Tears. This is an anthology book, a collection of stories, lessons, and innovations that emerged during Covid that have a similar […]

How can we better serve our clients?

HardCore Soft Skills can help you better serve your customers

It was a great pleasure to be part of this international panel discussing, The future of the legal profession, at the LAW2.0 conference in Dubai this weekend. With our broad experiences, our discussion was broad too “how can we better serve our clients and look after ourselves in the future?” Together, we discussed international law, […]

Mediation Beyond Covid

Mediation Beyond Covid

“I’M SO EXCITED, TOO!!” was Roar’s response to his Australian mediator colleague, Sarah Blake, when she invited him as one of the contributors from around the globe to co-author with her in her upcoming book – MEDIATION BEYOND COVID. Roar is proud and honored to be among the contributors, and to helping to empower the […]

Hardcore Soft Skills in Ireland

Hardcore soft skills in ireland

Last week Wægger Negotiation Institute and Roar Thun Wægger ran an online negotiation training for law students from the Law Society of Ireland on the topic Hardcore Softskills. Thank you, John Lunney, for inviting me back to your class. It was an interactive session where students tested how challenging it is to be a good listener […]

Passion Vista Magazine names WNI founder a Global Icon of 2022.

Passion Vista Magazine utpeker WNI-gründer Roar Thun Wægger til et globalt ikon for 2022

I’m honored and humbled to be acknowledged for the work I do to help parties bridge their gaps, and search for possible solutions in the future. With negotiation awareness and skills and a collaborative mindset, I believe more will be successful in the future in many areas of business. Passion Vista Magazine has Named WNI […]

High demand for Negotiation Trainings

“I just have to say I absolutely loved your lecture and learned a lot about how to be a better jurist and human! Thank you again :)” wrote Chama Skounti, a master’s student at Master II Juriste d’Affaires Internationales, the University of Rennes, France, to me after the webinar we held last week. A few […]

Interview: “Hope in times of adversity” – Just Peace Month 2022

Hope in times of adversity - Just Peace Month 2022

Yesterday, on the International Day of Peace, WNI founder Roar Thun Wægger shared some of his thoughts and stories from his work with helping clients overcome adversity and achieve peace. We would like to thank IMI – International Mediation Institute for inviting us to be part of your series of interviews with IMI Mediators. See the full interview in […]