High demand for Negotiation Trainings

I just have to say I absolutely loved your lecture and learned a lot about how to be a better jurist and human! Thank you again :)” wrote Chama Skounti, a master’s student at Master II Juriste d’Affaires Internationales, the University of Rennes, France, to me after the webinar we held last week.

A few days earlier, the Center for Law and Innovation in Kigali, Rwanda, and Wægger Negotiation Institute ran our first negotiation training in our partnership.

Later Roar flew to Bodø, a city in the northern part of Norway, where he ran a negotiation training in collaboration with the law network from The Norwegian Association of Lawyers.

In all these places he met students, lawyers, judges, and business leaders engaging in how they can become more aware of all kinds of negotiations going on around them every day, how they can increase their understanding of what is required to achieve collaboration, and what strategies can be used at the appropriate circumstance so that they can become better at creating value for themselves or their customers and clients.

WNI is looking forward to having more negotiation training sessions, online and on-site, and it could be in either Kigali in Rwanda, Rennes in France, Bodø in Norway, or a place close to you.