How can we better serve our clients?

HardCore Soft Skills can help you better serve your customers

It was a great pleasure to be part of this international panel discussing, The future of the legal profession, at the LAW2.0 conference in Dubai this weekend.

With our broad experiences, our discussion was broad too “how can we better serve our clients and look after ourselves in the future?”

Together, we discussed international law, that the law is not enough, and how we need to be aware of mental health and well-being, virtual litigations, remote hearings, and human skills.

The importance of clients’ views on lawyers, how many waits too long before they involve a lawyer, and the need for educational institutions to prepare young lawyers with the right skills before they enter their professional life were among the elements from panelists.

From a reformed lawyer’s perspective, I was able to address – Humanity is Key – the development of better human skills and mindset will distinguish the legal profession’s future. I believe the awareness of better human skills among future lawyers must start during our education, and not during the apprenticeship. Many lawyer negotiators think that negotiations are a purely logical, rational process for resolving disagreements and disputes. Those with more knowledge of what it means to be a great negotiator also know they must use HardCore Soft Skills.

Among those fundamental human skills, the future of the legal profession will need to develop to stand out from the crowd are:

  • UNDERSTANDING SELF, and THE OTHER, what assumptions and biases they bring with them. Do not react to them but question them!
  • AWARENESS – awareness of our brain’s automatic system and awareness of observation. To do this we need to take perspective from the outside.
  • I also want future lawyers to use their IMAGINATION to be creative. Discussing/assessing/creating opportunities is something other than taking positions or making demands. With our developed communication skills, asking good questions, and active listening, we can help create opportunities first and value afterward.

Thank you to my many international colleagues in the room, and many thanks for the interesting session to my fellow panelists Adv. Kanchan TalrejaHannah BekoMark SeahVirginie Tassin Campanella, & Franco Taisch.

Watch recorded stream from The future of the legal profession, at the LAW2.0 conference in Dubai here: