How do we manage negotiation techniques properly?


In this episode of the podcast Tankeledarpodden Jason Liem and Roar Thun Wægger present the powerful negotiating model they have named “Negotiation with the Brain in MIND”.

Behind the podcast is the enthusiastic Swedish host Christoffer Bertilsson, and among other things, we are talking about:

– How do we best work with negotiation techniques in difficult situations?

– What does it really mean to work with negotiations in the right way?

– How Roar and Jason met and created their model “Negotiation with the Brain in MIND”

– Why is negotiation one of the most important things you can learn today – How do we create genuine win-win situations in negotiations

And much more, this was an inspiring and valuable conversation for us, and we hope you will find valuable take-aways yourself.

Listen and enjoy!

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