Mediation Beyond Covid – Hacks, Craics and Crocodile Tears has launched!

mediation beyong covid out now

Yesterday, January 12th 2023, was the launch date for the book “Mediation Beyond Covid: Craics, Hacks and Crocodile Tears”! This is big news to us at WNI because our CEO and founder, Roar Thun Wægger, has invested a lot of time and energy in contributing to this book with his stories and experiences. 

For the launch of the book, author Sarah Blake hosted a livestream from Perth, Australia with interviews of the contributing co-authors and colleagues. Watch the recorded livestream on Youtube, or specifically Roar’s interview here:

The book “Mediation Beyond Covid: Craics, Hacks and Crocodile Tears” is available for pre-order at KMD Books, and will soon be available on Amazon as well.

Book proceeds are being contributed to Mediators Beyond Borders Oceania (MBBO) to promote the principles and practices of peaceful conflict management and resolution in the region.

We would like to congratulate all contributing authors: Sarah Blake, Ken Cloke, Claire Holland, Laurence Boulle, Ming Johanson, Mikel S., Sree Swaminathan, Hayley Jarick, MEGAN MACNEILL, Hayden Wilson, Shanti Abraham, Roar Thun Wægger, Samantha Hardy, Trent Petherick, Chris Muir-Smith, Joanne McMullan, Paul Sills, Mediator Vikram, and Hazel Herrington!