Mediation Beyond Covid – Launches January 12th!

Mediation Beyond Covid releases january 12th

WNI founder, Roar Thun Wægger is proud to share that January 12th, is set to be the launch date for the book he has co-authored – Mediation Beyond Covid – Hacks, Craics and Crocodile Tears.

This is an anthology book, a collection of stories, lessons, and innovations that emerged during Covid that have a similar form or subject. 20 business leaders and dispute resolution professionals from around the world will contribute to this publication, telling their personal stories.

In Roar’s chapter, he talks about the changes Covid brought to how he runs his business, and how he felt more of us understood each other and were able to take each other’s perspectives and were able to show and use empathy to prevent and solve conflicts. Roar also shared a remarkable moment when a brilliant law student in a mediation competition responded to his feedback “This is a MIND game”. The student and his team adjusted their approaches and they later won the competition.

You can check out the book and order it here!

This book is a chance for you to gain insights and tips about navigating disputes, confusion, and conflict. It will also help to support peacemaking with profits from the sales of the book going to Mediators Beyond Borders International.

We would like to thank Sarah Blake, for sharing her vision for the book: “my story and experience with disputes, showcased alongside other complimentary stories, will inspire others to deal better with disputes. With humor, tips, and innovation, we hope the stories contribute to growing a professional and empathy-driven industry”.

Contributing Authors

Ken Cloke, Sarah Blake, Professor Laurence Boulle, Hayley Jarick, Joanne McMullan, Paul Sills, Hazel Herrington, Marketing and Branding Expert Shanti Abraham, Mediator Vikram, Susan Andrews, Samantha Hardy, Trent Petherick, Chris Muir-Smith, Ming Johanson, Mikel S. Sree Swaminathan, Megan MacNeill, Hayden Wilson, Claire Holland, and Roar thun Wægger.