Mediation: Assisting both parties in finding mutually beneficial solutions

Do you and a partner have conflicting interests?

As a mediator WNI works to get two or more parties with conflicting interests to find mutually beneficial solution, which in the best-case scenario brings more value for both parties in the future. Roar Thun Waegger has experienced that the best and most impactful solutions are the ones obtained by the parties. Which is why Roar’s mediation style is a facilitative and interest–based approach.

WNI provide clients with:

  • Develop creative solutions that meets both parties' need and wishes.
  • Get a reality check during negotiations
  • Ensure a good solution using visual aids.

Roar Thun Waegger’s task is to aid both parties in developing unique creative opportunities that meets the needs and desires of both parties. When it is needed Roar uses visual aids to prepare for discussions and to illustrate potential solutions. On the other hand, Roar is proactive and not afraid to offer both parties a reality check when it is necessary. This ability is a necessity if the process is slowed down by unrealistic expectations from lawyers or clients, or when one or both parties must be reminded on the potential consequences of not reaching an agreement.

Roar’s forte is work-related conflicts, but because of his preferred facilitative mediating style he can take on assignments in other areas as well such as: Family and kids, inheritance, interpersonal conflicts in the neighborhood or workplace areas, and commercial mediations.

Roar has his theoretical mediation and conflict resolution education from the Straus Institute at Pepperdine Law School in California, USA. Roar is appointed as an external court mediator at the Borgarting Appeals Court and 15 District Courts for the period 2018-2024.

He is a certified mediator by the Norwegian Bar Association and works as a trainer, lecturer and assessment advisor in the 40-hour Mediation training workshop - Mediation Academy. Roar is also part of the ADR-ODR International Faculty, an International Provider of Dispute Resolution & Professional Trainings with a presence in over 12 international cities spanning 7 countries. Roar lecturers in conflict resolution at the Faculty of Oslo, University of Oslo, and has over many years held numerous workshops and courses on negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation.

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