Negotiation Audit

WNI helps structure your negotiations process

What is your organization currently doing to prepare and execute negotiations or conflict management work? The organizational conditions you operate within and you as an individual can always improve. Which is why WNI offers reviews and audits on how to effectively prepare your organization on how to systematically approach the negotiation table. Where appropriate, we also carry out individual skills assessments through feedback questionnaires.

WNI will perform an audit, by looking at what you already have in place. The audit will use WNI’s deep understanding of negotiation theory, acquired knowledge, and experience. The audit’s purpose is to get an idea of what you have already achieved, for then to point out areas in your organization that could be done differently. WNI will analyze and find potential causes and then recommend custom changes. This will all be done before your organization decide whether to invest in WNI’s negotiation training.

By investing in a WNI negotiation audit organizations build long-term intellectual capital and target the issues that prevent them from achieving better results.

WNI provide clients with:

  • A thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current negotiation practices
  • An analysis of how training can be tailored to address those specific problems
  • Ways in which leaders can ensure that new negotiation skills and learning will be deployed within the organization

1) Negotiation Techniques that results in WIN – win situations.
2) We provide you with a simple approach which will help you in all of lives negotiations.
3) Process that maintains the counterpart’s interests, so that you will build a long-term relationship.

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«Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.» – John F. Kennedy