Negotiation Audit.

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WNI offers reviews and audits on how to effectively prepare your organization for a systematic approach and implementation of your negotiations.

WNI can help you effectively structure your next negotiation process.

What is your organization currently doing to prepare and execute negotiations or conflict dispute work? You can always improve.

This is why WNI offers negotiation audits to your organizations. WNI will perform an audit, by looking at what you already have in place. The audit will use WNI’s understanding of the well-proved academic theory from leading institutions around the world, acquired knowledge, and experience. The audit’s purpose is to get an idea of what you have already achieved, for then to point out areas in your organization that could be done differently. WNI will analyze and find the causes with you and then recommend custom changes.

Founder and CEO of WNi, Roar Thun Wægger
Christopher Olsson Loenes is a facilitator, advisor, and SIMI certivied mediator.
Venera Kusari is a peacebuilding professional conflict practitioner, researcher, trainer, and manager of projects in the field of humanitarian, human rights, and social development.
Adrian Martin is currently a law student at the University of Oslo.
Peder Grennes Hallin is currently a law student at UiO, where he is getting his master’s degree in law.

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