The Global Icon Award 2022 – Roar Thun Wægger

Roar Thun Wægger awarded the Passion Vista Global Icons Award 2022

WNI founder and CEO, Roar Thun Wægger, has been awarded the Global Icon 2022 Award. The Global Icons Award recognises and honors those industry leaders who have achieved tremendous feats in their fields, which would stand to benefit the world at large.

As the editor in chief at Passion Vista Magazine states:

“To feature in this esteemed list, is then a matter of great prestige. These are individuals chosen after a thorough perusal by our international teams. We find it imperative that their contributions be brought under the global spotlight, for their work can play a crucial role in our immediate futures.

Dr. GD Singh

Passion Vista magazine recognizes Roar Thun Wægger as an International Authority on Negotiation and Mediation. Roar himself and WNI as a whole is humbled, honored and thankful for this important recognition.

Wægger Negotiation Institute offers tailored negotiation training programs for businesses and organizations, combining short lectures, interactive exercises, skills-based simulations, and structured reflections and debriefs. Roar emphasizes collaboration and understanding in obtaining desired results while also preserving relationships. He also stresses the importance of active listening in negotiations.

Roar is passionate about working with customers and students to help them develop their negotiation skills. He faces challenges in his business journey, but has been lucky to have support from his family, colleagues, and networks. He aspires to work with people from different parts of the world to show that humanity is key in negotiations.

Read the full article at Passion Vista Magazine here, or scroll through the digital magazine by following this link.