Wægger Negotiation Institute

Specialized negotiation and mediation training for businesses, organizations, and public disputes.

Wægger Negotiation Institute

Forhandlings- og konflikthåndteringstrening til forretningslivet, det offentlige og til organisasjoner.

Konflikthåndtering og forhandlingsrevisjon

Every conflict is unique, which is why WNI offers a wide spectrum of services:


WNI conducts workshops, lectures, and seminars on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation. As well as the intricate art of balancing influence and advocacy. Recommended for businesses or organizations.


Roar is an adviser/consultant for leaders and groups in conflict resolution, negotiations, mediation, and influence and advocacy work.


With negotiation education from the “Program on Negotiation” PON by Harvard Law school, Waegger has years of experience advising clients in difficult negotiations.


Aiding both parties in developing unique creative opportunities that meets the needs of both parties. Roar’s ability to balance the needs and demands results in a solid win-win agreement for both parties.

Conflict Management
We solve the conflict before it goes to trial.

Do you and a partner have conflicting interests and trouble communicating well?

Techniques and processes that yields WIN – win situations.

Negotiation Audit
A systematic approach and implementation.


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Roar Thun Wægger

Facilitator // Mediator // Advisor

Wægger Negotiation Institute

Riddervolds gate 4, 0256 Oslo