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There can be many situations with a colleague, a business partner, a counterpart in an upcoming negotiation, or a family member you find difficult to handle.

Perhaps you recognize a challenging communication dynamic that comes up for you in a variety of contexts and that you can’t seem to address with success. Many find it relatively easy to negotiate on behalf of others, but struggle when it comes to advocating for themselves.

Maybe a colleague or you could use tailored sparring and advice for a particularly daunting upcoming negotiation or difficult conversation, or perhaps there has been an ongoing dynamic in your workplace or family that you want to address but feel stuck. Maybe you find yourself in some contexts so overwhelmed by emotion that it is hard to listen or be productive so you either just cave in or blow up.

WNI can help!

WNI is here to help you for a one-on-one diagnostic sparring or consulting in a safe and confidential environment.

Some of our clients are interested in an extended consultative engagement because they are in a leadership position where they find themselves dealing with personnel or management issues on an ongoing basis.

Other clients seek out a short-term one-on-one sparring relationship on a particular negotiation or conflict resolution problem. Maybe a specific skill they’d like to develop, or a specific deal for which they are preparing.

In these situations, we brainstorm with the clients to identify their goals, possible causes to the problem, we search for specific strategies, engage in practice exercises and if needed role-plays with the client, and identify personalized approaches for improving one’s interpersonal confidence and success.

Clients report high satisfaction with this sparring in 3 major ways:

  1. A greater sense of certainty & autonomy when dealing with demanding situations,
  2. A stronger sense of know-how & confidence to lead, negotiate & handle crucial conversations, and
  3. An arena where they feel safe to discuss concerns with an objective, third-party who can spar with ideas through candid conversation & constructive feedback.

WNI offers consulting services to small groups within your organizations or maybe to the whole organization.

Maybe you want to design or revise your company’s dispute-resolution system, create a process to address intra-firm communication challenges, or perhaps your group would like sparring before facing a challenging negotiation?

WNI can help!

Founder and CEO of WNi, Roar Thun Wægger
Christopher Olsson Loenes is a facilitator, advisor, and SIMI certivied mediator.
Venera Kusari is a peacebuilding professional conflict practitioner, researcher, trainer, and manager of projects in the field of humanitarian, human rights, and social development.
Adrian Martin is currently a law student at the University of Oslo.
Peder Grennes Hallin is currently a law student at UiO, where he is getting his master’s degree in law.

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