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Your trusted advisor.

WNI training and counseling are adapted to the customer's needs so that their managers, teams, and individual employees are better able to handle important negotiations, build relationships, and use their conflict management skills effectively.

Customers of WNI will concentrate on their core activities, reduce high personal and financial costs in the event of conflict, and build strong business relationships.

WNI will help you handle the negotiation, conflict or mediation as your trusted advisor.


Negotiation Trainings

WNI offers tailored training programs, and open-enrollment workshops and webinars in negotiation, dispute resolution, decision-making, challenging conversations, sales, leadership and management, and group process.

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Consulting & Sparring

There can be many situations with a colleague, a business partner, a counterpart in an upcoming negotiation, or a family member you find difficult to handle.

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Negotiation Audit

WNI offers reviews and audits on how to effectively prepare your organization for a systematic approach and implementation of your negotiations. We can help you effectively structure your next negotiation process.

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Mediation & Facilitation

WNI offers mediation and facilitation services in a wide variety of sectors. In business, governmental, community, family, and non-profit sectors. We work with individuals or groups to mediate a dispute or series of conflicts.

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Keynotes & Lectures

WNI offers a range of motivational keynote talks on topics related to negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution to many different audiences. We have spoken at Rotary Clubs, organization gatherings, law firms, and student retreats.

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What some of our clients say...

"You have created a fantastic negotiation course, which was performed by you in a very good way. Very good content, clear language, a lot of space for questions and reflections. Thank you! Very good case. I was positively surprised – this was a digital training that overreached my expectations."
"THANK YOU for extremely good and powerful means that are fun to see working in real life!” The reason I write to you is because I think it must be fun to see that what you teach is used and especially fun to see when it goes the right way! I have recently been in two negotiations, both of which have ended very well. In both negotiations, I have taken advantage of "arts" learned from the course."
«I used Roar as a sparring-partner, and I found our conversations outstanding and will continue to benefit from them in the future. It’s always good to have a mirror held up to you – it makes self-reflection easier.»
"That was so nice for me, working for a trading company from next year. I became aware of the importance of Preparation and Improvision before negotiating. I would definitely applicate this lesson to my job."
"Very satisfied customers/members after your arrangement (rumors say that several more nascent disputes were resolved quite immediately thereafter)."
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