“My preferred mediating style is facilitative and interest-based, because I have experienced that the best and most impactful solutions are the ones obtained by the parties.” – Roar Thun Waegger.

About Our Founder – Roar Thun Waegger

Roar is a facilitator and mediator, and the founder of Waegger Negotiation Institute. Roar established WNI in September 2017 after having worked as a lawyer in Oslo for almost 10 years.

Roar has held countless specialized lectures, courses, and workshops on negotiation, conflict management, mediation, influence training, and advocacy work to a wide variety of clients. He uses his experience from his own and other cases to present a renowned and reputable theory in an engaging and inspiring manner for his clients’ benefit.

Roar is a licensed partner in Norway to the well renowned American negotiation and consulting company, Shapiro Negotiation Institute, located in Baltimore, USA. Roar will conduct, facilitate and tailor processes for his clients, so that they can overcome difficulties, using The Power Of Nice®.

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Client History

Since 2008, Roar has worked as a lawyer specialized in individual and collective labor law, negotiations, consulting, and training. His goal has been to facilitate so that his clients would find the most effective solutions, and to avoid costly emotional trials. This isn’t written in stone and Roar has on many occasions said, “I will go to trial, but only as a last result and when it is absolutely necessary”. His many years of experience in this field has taught him that problem solving, and effective negotiation yields in most cases a better result for his clients both on a short and long-term basis. With experience as a lawyer and from negotiations, mediations, psychology, and communication Roar is well equipped to help his clients in future negotiations, mediations and other conflict resolution work.



Roar has, for many years, been a coach and consultant for the official Norwegian team competing in, The international Negotiation Competition – INC. Which is the largest negotiation competition for law schools in the world. He has also served as a judge for this international competition and many national competitions around the world. Roar has also held several lectures in the INC Master Classes and in 2017 he worked as a moderator for the Master Class when INC was held in Oslo, Norway. Together with other partners he was a host for participants from over 30 countries and arranged the biggest INC event to date.

Roar loves to work internationally and has held his workshops on negotiation all over the world such as: Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, England, and Brazil.


“Among Norway’s best conflict mediators” – Finansavisen (Financial newspaper)

Roar worked almost 10 years as a senior-tax-Lawyer in different departments in the Norwegian Tax Administration. There he also worked as a central union representative for almost 800 lawyers, where he was an integral part of many large restructurings. Here Roar was known for achieving the best results for his members through a collaborative approach with the leaders to develop and implement a fundamental restructuring.

He brought this collaborative negotiation style with him when he started as a lawyer specializing in labor law in the Norwegian Association of Lawyers. Here Roar was driving force to develop negotiation and influence training for the elected union representatives. So that these representatives are better equipped to find effective and better solutions through constructive negotiations back at their work.

For several years Roar has worked as a lecturer for the Center for Continuing Legal Education (JUS). Here he worked with lawyers in the public and private sectors. He was an integral part of Norwegian Association of Lawyer’s group that developed mediation training for lawyers in 2014-2015, and works as a supervisor/instructor in the training of new mediators, the Mediation Academy. Roar is a certified mediator for the Norwegian Association of Lawyers and listed as external court-mediator (here).

“Mediation can save clients millions; good mediators are extremely hard to come by” – Finansavisen (Financial paper)

Roar is mentioned as one of Norway’s best mediators.

Roar also works as a University lecturer in conflict resolution at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. He is also an associate to the THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION that works with mediation and training in Greece and other countries that cooperate with ADR-ODR International, an International Provider of Dispute Resolution & Professional Training. Roar is a certified trainer and mediator with ADR-ODR International and can be hired in any of the 25 countries they are represented.

Giving Back

Roar has a strong connection to the American conflict resolution organization PeacePlayers International (PPI). Together with his family he moved to Cyprus and worked as a volunteer for PPI-Cyprus for a year. There they helped develop, and still are involved in an exchange program (Lead4Peace) with youths from all PPI locations: Cyprus, Northern-Ireland, Israel, South Africa, and their local Norwegian basketball club Nesodden.